“Home Security Systems Do Not Discriminate In Katrina Aftermath!

Only a few weeks ago, most people never gave much thought about having a security system for their home or business.

But, after the looting and violence during and after Hurricane Katrina, sales have grown tremendously.

Electronic Home and Business Security sales around the country are estimated to be around $28 billion per year

That number is estimated to increase by nearly 20% by the end of 2005.

While the whole subject of looting has become a touchy (and even political) issue for most people, which is largely due to the medias portrayal of the situation, security systems show no descrimination to an individuals race, social status, age, or gender.

They also do not subscribe to any political parties or even listen to talk radio.

But, home and business security systems continue to play a large role in the rebuilding of homes and businesses in the devastated communities along the Gulf Coast.

More homeowners and business owners than ever are planning on installing security systems ranging in sophistication. Kathy Lott, a home owner in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, said, “I’ve never given it much thought before, but after watching all the looting and fighting on tv, I figured it was worth a hundred dollars just to have the securiy it provides.”

Although much of the spotlight has been on the local power and phone companies, local and online security retailers are busy trying to meet the demands of recent inquries in the aftermath of Katrina.

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Gaston Collins, owner of Home Security Superstore and online at www.Best-Home-Security.com, says that he has had more orders in the last 2 weeks, than the whole Christmas season last year.

“Because of the long re-building process for the damaged communities, we’re not expecting business to slow down until probably next spring, which is good news for us.

We’ll probably need to hire a few more people on top of the two we hired this week,” he says.

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“As long as guys like Rush Limbaugh and other people in the media continue to push the subject of looting and violence, I’m sure we’ll continue to see an increase in sales,” says Gaston.
So it seems as though preparing for a disaster has consisted of gathering food, water, and batteries in the past – It will now include installing and checking your security system.

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